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Since there are so many variables that go into answering this question, we do not ask our franchise owners to attempt to answer it; therefore, we can't provide it to you. One of the major variables when calculating "time to cash flow positive" is debt service. Some franchisees open salons with no debt, while on the other end of the spectrum, other franchisees may take out loans for 70% to 75% of the total investment required. Again, we encourage you to speak with our existing and/or former franchisees to learn more about the length of time it took them to reach the point where their salon was cash flow positive.

The best place to get that information is directly from our franchisees! Once we have had a few conversations, we want you to connect with franchisees so that you can ask the questions you need in order to better understand the financial model of Great Clips salon ownership. We know that this is crucial information to collect in your research process, so we encourage you to talk to current and/or former franchisees as soon as possible.

The total initial investment for a Great Clips salon varies depending on a number of factors, like where you are located. Higher cost of living markets or dense urban areas will likely drive up costs, as they do with any retail business. Also, the larger your space, the more expensive it will be. For a more detailed look at these costs and others, check out our initial investment charts for both the US and Canada.

6% of gross sales


No. Approximately 95% of our franchisees didn't know how to cut hair when they joined our system, and most of them still don't know how to cut hair years after becoming a franchisee. Your mission is to manage and lead your staff, grow sales and open multiple salons.

Great Clips has grown to become the world's largest hair salon franchise brand by providing quality haircuts, at an affordable price, to the entire family in convenient locations. We are a single brand, privately owned, and all Great Clips salons are owned by franchisees—we have zero corporate locations! (That’s good for you—you’ll receive 100% of our resources and support!) Our commitment to training and the use of technology to increase the comfort and convenience of our customer’s experience are also significant differentiators that help Great Clips stand out in the crowd.

Yes, it is possible. But remember—you are the driver of your business' success. If your full time job (or other business) doesn't allow for some flexibility, you may not be in a position to do both. We often see husband and wife teams who will have one partner keep their full time job and the other partner dedicate more time to the business. The most important thing is to have the ability to be involved and engaged in the business—and if your existing situation won't allow for time and flexibility, then you may want to re-evaluate your strategy.

You're welcome to do so. You will likely open salons at a faster pace if you're able to devote full-time attention to the business.


Implement our staff recruiting strategies to find recruiting success. Our recruiting website attracts more than 41,000 stylist and manager applications every year throughout North America. Those applicants are forwarded immediately to our local franchisees. Additionally, Great Clips has long-term relationships in the industry with leading cosmetology schools that can help drive staff to your door.

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