Is Great Clips right for you?

Step 1: Territories
Step 2: Financial requirements
Step 3: Quick quiz

The importance of a great fit for both you and for Great Clips.

The basics: location, financial stability and great people skills.

We want our franchisees to succeed, and part of that success is helping to determine if this is a great fit. What goes into a great fit? A lot, but location, financials, and skill sets are the building blocks on which we start. How do you know if you meet the initial criteria? Well, read on (or fill out our "Get in Touch" form to learn more!).

Let’s start with the basics:

  • First: are you living in an area where Great Clips is adding new franchisees?

  • Second: are you financially capable of getting into business right now?

  • Third: do you have the background management and/or people skills that meet the needs of being a salon owner?

1. Territory availability: Where do you live?

One factor of a “good fit” is whether you are living in an area where we still see opportunity for you to grow into a multi-unit Great Clips business. That’s one of the first things we will review to determine if a Great Clips franchise could be a good fit for you. It’s important for our franchisees to be involved and engaged in their businesses, so living in the same market where you are looking to develop your business is important, especially as a new business owner.

Available territories change from time to time, so check in with us to determine if we have options where you live. To see if there are any opportunities to own a Great Clips franchise in your area, please fill out our “Get in Touch” form below.

Learn more about the financial criteria and investment information next.

Financial requirements

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