Beth Nilssen
December 23, 2011 / Milestones

Great Clips is a Top 10 Franchise All Star!

The 2012 AllBusiness AllStar Franchise rankings were announced earlier this month and it’s exciting news for Great Clips: We are the first haircare salon to rank in the Franchise AllStar’s Top 10! 

This list ranks the “best of the best” of franchise companies, so we’re very pleased to be recognized and we’re thrilled to be in the top 10. (Our overall ranking is #8 – that’s up from #26 last year!) 

But rankings are meaningless if they’re not supported by real data, and that’s why getting into the top 10 is significant. AllBusiness really does their homework, scoring franchise companies according to key business criteria such as unit growth, financial strength, system size, years in business and brand visibility. 

Great Clips scored high in all of these measures. The one I was most pleased with was our solid ranking in growth, which is a measure of how fast a franchise system is growing—this is also the index that receives the heaviest weighting. As AllBusiness says, “The more growth a system experiences, the more opportunity it offers.” 

Exactly! Because more units mean greater brand awareness. This can lead to more customers and greater sales and profitability for franchisees, who can then open more units. And, the cycle starts all over again.

More growth means more opportunity. Count me in, because it’s gonna be great!

Happy Holidays to you!

Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on December 23, 2011
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