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September 22, 2022 / Milestones

Great Clips at 40: A strong franchisor that listens to its franchisees

Forty years is proof that Great Clips—a franchisor with 4,400-plus walk-in hair salons—and their franchisee community work well together and listen to each other.

In 1982, the idea of a walk-in haircare salon was radical. When the first Great Clips salon opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the business model of offering customers a great haircut at a convenient location for a reasonable price—all without an appointment—disrupted the beauty industry. 

Today, 40 years later with 4,400-plus franchised walk-in hair salons and 700-plus franchisees, Great Clips has set the standard for supporting franchisees as they build their independently owned legacy businesses.

Kim Vosika joined Great Clips as a stylist in 1990, quickly becoming a salon manager and then a franchisee in 1991. She currently has 22 salons in the markets of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Des Moines, Rochester-Mason City, and La Crosse-Eau Claire.

In this 40th anniversary year, we asked Kim to reflect on what this milestone means to her.

“Forty years is proof that Great Clips and their franchisee community work well together and listen to each other. Many ideas implemented throughout the organization have come from a franchisee, a general manager, a manager. I appreciate that Great Clips, Inc. takes our ideas and concerns and works with us to deliver on something that benefits all, especially the stylist behind the chair.

One of the greatest moments in these 40 years was a technology upgrade in the salons that gave franchisees and general managers the power to do things remotely in real time, which is a real game changer. Our daily lives have changed and the power that we have at our fingertips to help salon managers and staff achieve a path to success is absolutely GREAT!

The people who had the greatest impact on me are my business partners David Rubenzer and his late wife, Lori. I started with them as a salon manager 32 years ago. Soon after, I became a general manager and partner. Today we have 22 salons. David and Lori taught me to always look out for your stylists by providing them as much support as you can. Our staff is the success of our salons, and I try to show them that with my actions every day. David and Lori’s belief in me has made me who I am today.

The Minneapolis group of Great Clips franchisees has also had a great impact on me. We are always working together to be the employer of choice. We are very willing to share best practices with each other. I have the utmost respect for this group of franchisees.

I’m truly proud to say I’m a stylist and a franchisee with this company. I can’t imagine myself any other place.”

MORE: Check out this TV news story from almost 10 years ago featuring Kim as she talks about her life as a Great Clips franchisee.

The longevity of the Great Clips brand means we’ve helped thousands of franchisees start and grow their legacy businesses. Contact me if you want to know more about what it’s like to be a Great Clips franchisee or click on the links below. Give me a call today!

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Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on September 22, 2022
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