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December 13, 2019 / Great Advice

The 1 Thing Successful Franchisees Focus on to Grow Their Business

FRANCHISEE KRISTY BELIEW: Spotlight your business through local marketing

To say Great Clips franchisee Kristy Beliew is involved in her community is an understatement. She wants to be known as the “go-to” business owner in town who is always willing to get involved in local fundraisers, events, and volunteer opportunities. She believes this reputation has earned her the trust of people in her community, and is one of the biggest reasons her four walk-in hair salons in Tennessee have seen tremendous growth over the five years since she invested in a salon franchise.

What does she focus on? “Keeping our brand top of mind. I use every form of marketing I can: traditional, digital, visual, and community events. I want everyone in town to know we are connected to the places they live and work.”

FRANCHISEE KIP CHURCHILL: Use the tools your franchisor provides

With a background in finance, this Great Clips franchisee in the growing Canadian market stays close to the numbers and understands what drives a business—volume. Over the last three years, Kip’s five hair salons in the Toronto area have had continuous growth above the market average. He continues to focus on staffing his salons during their busiest times, which leads to high customer satisfaction.

What does he focus on? “Knowing my weaknesses. I’m a finance person so I’m good with numbers, but I’m not as good with marketing. When I first started, I didn’t spend much time figuring out which marketing channels would drive business. I learned the hard way to trust the tools we’re given and to hire people who are strong in areas I’m not.”

FRANCHISEE JACK PATEL: Invest for the long-term

This Great Clips franchisee joined Great Clips in 2012 as one of the first franchisees in a newer East Coast market. He took a chance, opening his first salon in an outlying area in the Hartford, Connecticut market where Great Clips was not well known. Several years later, thanks to a concentrated focus on marketing and staffing, his seven salons are excelling in operational metrics.

What does he focus on? “Marketing, volume, scheduling, and being patient. Many franchisees start worrying when their marketing—especially to new customers—doesn’t show a quick return. Marketing is an investment and it takes time to see results. Over time, it will pay off.”

Thanks, Kristy, Kip, and Jack, for telling us what has worked for you to grow your Great Clips franchise. Supporting each other is a big part of the culture among Great Clips franchisees. I’m always impressed with how much they step up to offer advice and exchange best practices. Are you looking to be part of an organization like that? Give me a call. I’d love to talk with you.

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Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on December 13, 2019
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