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November 9, 2018 / Great News

When a haircut is more is more than a haircut

When Great Clips brand ambassador and Monster Truck pilot Bryce Kenny got on stage at the 2018 Great Clips convention, he reminded the stylists in the audience about the true nature of their jobs: to deliver hope.

Bryce Kenny took the stage to help kick off the Great Clips convention last month, and he delivered a powerful message to an audience of salon franchisees, managers, and stylists. Here’s an excerpt from his keynote address:

“To all the stylists out there: you’re professional hope dealers! With every customer, you deliver that personal touch, and do you know how powerful that is? For the young girl who maybe got bullied in school the day before, or the cancer survivor who is ready to start a new chapter of life, or the widow who’s thinking about dating again, or the man who’s worried about his job—you have the opportunity to give hope.

“That’s what I think about when I wear the Great Clips brand on my chest. And when a kid comes up to me at an event and gives me a high five, I know I’m not just representing a brand—I’m representing YOU!”

Now THAT’S how you inspire people who work in the salon and hair-care industry!

Coincidentally, just today I came across this post on the Great Clips Salon Community Facebook page that made Bryce’s message of delivering hope even more real. It was posted by a stylist at a Great Clips salon in the Pittsburgh market who cut the hair of a gentleman who wanted to look good for a special event:

“I had a beautiful experience this morning cutting a sweet gentleman’s hair. John will be celebrating his big 100th birthday soon and I want to take the time to recognize him as our salon’s oldest veteran! Thank you for your service, John!”

And, to top it off, the salon manager paid for John’s haircut!

Stories like these remind me that even on an otherwise regular day, each of us can deliver hope through the little things we do. For this Great Clips stylist, it was spiffing up a soon-to-be centenarian for his milestone birthday. For me, it was hearing about a new franchisee in Edmonton, Alberta who is getting ready to open his first two walk-in hair salons in our growing Canada market over the next few weeks, and remembering how the Great Clips franchise development team encouraged him through the discovery process.

It’s fun working for a company that is filled with professional hope dealers! What about you--how have you delivered hope today?

Interested in being part of a franchise organization that deals in hope? Give me a call!

Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on November 9, 2018
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