Beth Nilssen
November 23, 2021 / Industry News

Say yes. Then figure out how.

Most responsible business people would say it’s not smart to make a commitment to a project before knowing you can actually do it. Personally, I’m a planner, so saying yes before feeling confident that I have the time or the skillset or the interest in delivering on that commitment would feel, if not irresponsible, then certainly unwise.

But, undoubtedly, there are times in our lives—personally and professionally—when we have to take a leap into the unknown and say, “Yes, I can do that,” before we’ve figured out how we’re actually going to do “that.” We move forward on the belief (maybe closer to faith) that everything is figureoutable.

I’ve been thinking about this leap-of-faith concept because it’s at the core of an award Great Clips recently presented to our 2021 Vendor of the Year, which recognizes a vendor that has a long history of exceeding expectations through outstanding customer service to franchisees, corporate staff, and other vendors.

As we said in the presentation, exceeding expectations is an understatement for what this vendor does to support Great Clips, and it is a clear example of having the faith to say yes. Here is the story of this year’s Vendor of the Year:

This past year changed the way many of our vendors had to operate. Pivoting was a requirement, not an option. And this vendor didn’t just pivot. They expanded the scope of their own line of work to meet the needs of every Great Clips franchisee and salon.


Most suppliers would have simply said, “We don’t work outside our product lines.” This vendor said, “We’ll figure it out.” And they did.


They created a supply chain of PPE items they had never purchased or sold before. They found resources that were nearly impossible to find on a national scale. When the typical products weren’t available, they researched and found substitutes. They purchased more than a million masks and face shields, and thousands of capes.


Frankly, they did anything and everything to get into the PPE sourcing business so the salons could open safely. Day to day, nobody really knew what was needed, but they stepped up and figured it out.


When a company is experiencing its own fear and pain during an unprecedented pandemic and still goes above and beyond to serve its clients—that is more than a typical vendor relationship: that is a true partnership that has lasted the test of time for close to 40 years.


Please join us in congratulating—and thanking—Salon Innovations, our 2021 Vendor of the Year.


We recognized Salon Innovations during our virtual Zone Meeting last month and then followed up with a presentation of the award to the entire Salon Innovations team, led by president Margaret Stone, at their office and warehouse facility. It’s often said, “We couldn’t have done it without you.” In this case, we definitely could not have gotten through the challenges of 2020 as well as we did without the ingenuity, tenacity, and commitment of this invaluable vendor.

Thank you, Salon Innovations. We are so grateful for your faith in believing that everything is figureoutable!

Beth Nilssen

Director of Franchise Development | Great Clips, Inc.
800-947-1143 | [email protected]

As Director of Franchisee Development for Great Clips, my job is to help prospective franchisees decide if investing in a salon franchise is a good match—if it’s figureoutable! Right now, we’re working with dozens of prospective franchisees who are going through the initial steps of exploration. I’d love to hear from you, wherever you are on this journey. Give me a call so we can figure it out together.

Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on November 23, 2021
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