Beth Nilssen
January 4, 2013 / Milestones

Another Great Clips Innovation: Clip Notes

What’s the most important thing when you go to get your hair cut? It’s getting the haircut you want, of course! Because of this, Great Clips has invented Clip Notes—technical notes, used by stylists to enhance consultations and give customers the haircut they want every time they visit any Great Clips location.

The Clips Notes concept is being introduced to customers via a fun new commercial that is airing during College Football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) games this year.  The new commercial uses an entertaining and memorable situation involving a Venus flytrap to set up a thought-provoking premise, “Wouldn’t it be great if every situation had helpful notes?”

This innovation not only shows Great Clips customers that we value consistency and their loyalty, but it also shows why Great Clips is the leader in improving customer experience through technology. With Online Check-In, and now, Clip Notes, no competitor is offering such innovative solutions to its customers.

We want customers to feel great about their haircut every time they visit a Great Clips salon. No matter which stylist cuts their hair or what location they visit, our customers want consistency. Clip Notes is the way to meet this need and give each customer the reassurance they want.

Great Clips’ dedication to their customer’s satisfaction is just one way that they ensure happy, returning customers—which in turn creates happy franchisees.  The No. 1 brand in haircare continues to grow  by advancing salon level technology, as well as by adding an average of 100 new franchisees a year. Learn more about franchising opportunities with Great Clips by visiting

Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on January 4, 2013
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