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November 23, 2018 / Great News

Hall of Fame Franchisees

What do Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Bruce Springsteen, and a Great Clips salon owner have in common? They are all Hall of Famers!

Whether it’s for baseball, football, rock and roll, or the beauty industry, greatness needs to be recognized. What better way than by inducting the best of the best into a Hall of Fame?

That’s why Great Clips honors franchisees who have contributed immensely to the legacy and future of the brand by naming them into the Great Clips Hall of Fame. The newest member to be so honored was recently recognized at the company’s 2018 annual convention. Here’s the story of this outstanding franchisee.


Don Elliott is known for being even-keeled, calm, and thoughtful, and someone who never hesitates to step into new situations or ask the tough questions. When these traits are combined with great operations, it’s no wonder others seek his wisdom.

Don has an exceptional ability to look at both the forest and the trees. He is passionate about individual and market success, but he’s also able to see the bigger picture, and bring into focus what’s best for the total system.

Using his sharp business skills and vision for greatness, and as co-moderator of the Great Clips marketing advisory committee, he has contributed to the debate, discussion, and decisions that make our brand stronger.

Closer to home, Don has developed a legacy business with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters. Theirs is one of the strongest, family-run businesses in the Great Clips system.

Don and Laura got involved in owning their first walk-in hair salon because one of their daughters, Sara, was working for a franchisee in South Dakota. Because of Sara’s excitement about her Great Clips experience, the Elliotts sold their motorcycle dealership in Sioux Falls, and opened the Knoxville, Tennessee market for Great Clips.

They were already fans of the business model so they readily committed to develop the entire market. Today, they operate or are involved in just under 60 salons, and are among the brand’s biggest champions.

Don is respected for his tireless support of franchisees who are going through challenging times, either personally or professionally. He is always among the first to step up, unselfishly lending a hand. He is the embodiment of the Great Clips promise to care more.

Don also has a bit of a wild side! He often takes off on cross-country trips with friends, riding off-road motorcycles. Their goal is to rarely, if ever, ride on paved roads.

Yep, he may look mild-mannered on the outside, but he approaches his business and his life with true grit!

Congratulations to the newest member of the Great Clips Hall of Fame, Don Elliott.

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Beth Nilssen By Beth Nilssen on November 23, 2018
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