The Great Clips Advantage

Great technology

Great Clips is the high-tech leader in the haircare industry—the first to leverage technology to support brand delivery and growth and to improve the experience for our franchisees, their salon teams and their customers. Our goal is to use technology in ways that complement your business, continuously elevating the quality and convenience of the salon experience you provide while delivering an unmatched level of service and value.

Tech for franchisees

Great Clips gives you the technology you need to help manage and grow your business. We know that convenience and accessibility are essential to your success—you want information at your fingertips, whenever, wherever you need it. We provide web-based business intelligence tools, an advanced POS system and a tablet-based app that delivers key operational data to you in real time.

Tech for customers

Using technology to serve customers is a key reason Great Clips is an industry leader. We’ve developed innovative tools that help customers save time, which they love. Every month, millions of customers use the Great Clips® app. What does this mean for your business? The more that customers adopt and leverage these tools, the more they’ll keep coming back to Great Clips. Two great examples of our great tech are Online Check-In and Clip Notes.

Online Check-In saves time

With Online Check-In, customers can add their name to your salon waitlist from anywhere—meaning the time they might spend in the lobby can be spent at home or running errands. Online Check-In shows them real-time estimated wait times so they can make getting a haircut work for their schedule. Customers can check in online on or with the Great Clips® app—the first app of its kind in the haircare industry. When customers check in online, they also have the option to receive a ReadyNext® text alert when their estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes

The same great haircut, every time

We want your customers to have such a great experience that they return again and again. That’s why we started Clip Notes®, detailed information that Great Clips stylists enter into our computers about their customer’s hair, type of haircut, shape, texture, preferred length, favorite products and more. So the next time—and every time—that customer comes to your salon, Clip Notes® lets any stylist know how to provide that customer with the same great haircut.

Tech for stylists

In this digital age, being able to use technology to support and train your salon staff is critical, effective and efficient. Great Clips is leading the way with online courses and interactive in-person events designed specifically for Great Clips stylists and managers. Every year, we’re expanding the use of technology for staff training—making it easier, faster and more efficient than ever for stylists to learn the Great Clips cutting system, gain confidence and grow their skills.

Comprehensive support and training

When you become a Great Clips franchisee, you’ll have access to expertise, tools and resources to help you open your first salon and grow your business.

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