The Great Clips Advantage

A process for success

As a prospective Great Clips franchisee, we want to make sure you have everything you need to thrive as a member of the Great Clips community. So we’ve invested a lot of resources—both financial and personal—in supporting you through the process of consideration, evaluation and qualification. And once it’s clear that Great Clips is a great fit for you, we use this same tried-and-true process to help you open, build and grow your business.

Our Process, Your Business FAQ

  1. Learn what it takes to be a great franchisee

    Find out as much as you can about Great Clips, our franchising business model and the unique opportunities and advantages we offer.

    The Great Clips Advantage

    Franchisee Responsibilities

    Available Territories & Investment


  2. Submit your application

    Once you know that Great Clips is a great place to achieve your business goals, submit your application.

    Franchise application
  3. Go through the mutual evaluation process

    After you submit your application, the Great Clips Franchise Development team will contact you to start the mutual evaluation process. During this six- to eight-week period, you’ll receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and we’ll talk through the logistics involved in running a successful haircare business (financials, real estate, operational requirements, etc.). We’ll also discuss the skills you need to thrive as a member of the Great Clips community—from leadership and employee recruitment and development to customer service, community outreach and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with Great Clips franchisees to ask them questions, hear about their experience and confirm what you've learned about the business.

    Once you and Great Clips have determined that salon ownership is a good fit for you, we’ll agree to execute the Franchise Agreement and Approval.

  4. Join the Great Clips community

    Congratulations—you’re the newest member of the Great Clips community! After signing your franchise agreement, our Operations team will help you jump into the next phase: opening your salon.

The steps involved in opening your salon don’t necessarily happen one at a time—or even in order. You’ll likely be doing several of these things all at once. However this process unfolds for you, a member of the Great Clips team will be there to help you make decisions and move forward.

  1. Get the training you need to succeed

    From the day you sign your franchise agreement, you'll begin a thorough, step-by-step training process that includes online courses, in-person training and in-salon training. We’ll make sure you know what you need to know to open your salon, oversee its operations and grow your business.

  2. Select your salon's location

    Got an idea for a great location? Great! Let us know about it and, together, we can determine if it’s a solid choice for a Great Clips location. Need help finding the best place to open your salon? No problem! We have a list of pre-identified locations available for most markets, and our Real Estate team can connect you with the best brokers and landlords in your area.

  3. Plan, design and build your salon

    Working hand in hand with our internal Facilities & Purchasing team, you’ll plan, design and build your Great Clips salon. From ordering signage and equipment to stocking shampoo, they’ll walk you through each and every step to bring your Great Clips salon to life..

  4. Hire your team

    As with every step in our process, we’ll be there to help you find great people to staff your salon. Our Recruiting Resources team can help you execute employee recruiting strategies. Plus our recruitment website can provide qualified applicants for stylists, receptionists, salon managers and salon assistant managers that you can evaluate, interview and hire.

    View recruitment website
  5. Promote your Grand Opening

    With the expert guidance and support of the Great Clips Marketing team, you’ll plan a Grand Opening promotions strategy to build buzz and excitement about your salon.

  6. Open your doors

    Your salon’s grand opening is a major milestone in your Great Clips journey—and it’s only the beginning. The next few months are critical to your success as you grow your customer base, strive to earn repeat business, connect with your community and work with your staff to develop their skills and create a great culture for your salon. As always, someone from Great Clips will be there to offer resources and support as you grow your business.

A culture of community outreach

Great Clips believes in being a great neighbor. Our corporate office, our franchisees and their teams are dedicated to supporting our communities through philanthropic and volunteer activities.

Get in touch

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