The Great Clips Advantage

Comprehensive support and training


As a Great Clips franchisee, you’ll have access to resources, guidance and training designed to help you thrive as part of our organization. That support begins the moment you first consider becoming a franchisee and continues throughout your entire journey with us.

Support and Training FAQ

  1. Guiding you through the evaluation process

    We want you to feel confident in your decision to become a Great Clips franchisee. So during your evaluation process, we’ll answer your questions and provide you with all the guidance and the information you need to determine if Great Clips fits your goals.

  2. Preparing you to start your business

    Once the franchise agreement papers are signed, you’ll start your training and education with operations. You’ll also work with a Great Clips Real Estate Manager to find the best location for your salon. They’ll connect you with the best brokers, developers and landlords in your market.

  3. Bringing your Great Clips salon to life

    Working with our internal Facilities and Purchasing team, you’ll receive guidance on planning, designing and building your Great Clips salon. From ordering signage and equipment to stocking shampoo, they’ll walk you through each and every step to bring your Great Clips salon to life!

Our training sets Great Clips apart from other franchisors. We start with the people who are going to be leading the teams: you!

  1. Online training through Great Clips University

    You’ll do nearly all your training virtually through our Great Clips University (GCU) digital platform. This coursework will help you in every phase of the business—whether it is learning the basics, such as real estate, marketing and salon operations, or learning new technology, tools and processes as our organization evolves.

  2. New franchisee in-person training with our corporate team

    Every new franchisee attends a special 3-day training session hosted and led by the Great Clips corporate team in Minneapolis. This is your official welcome, introduction and onboarding as one of the newest members of the Great Clips community. As you continue your training in your market, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people and get hands-on experience with the brand, like checking in customers and talking with other franchisees.

You have a team of people—the Great Clips Recruiting Resources team, in this case—and a variety of resources to help you find great people to staff your salon.

  1. Expert guidance from the Great Clips Recruiting Resources team

    In addition to providing you with helpful materials and resources, our Recruiting Resources experts will help you put together a solid plan for how to attract and retain key talent for your salon.

  2. Great Clips recruitment website

    Our powerful online careers site gives you direct access to qualified applicants for stylists, receptionists, salon managers and salon assistant managers that you can evaluate, interview and hire. We also have long-standing relationships with many local cosmetology schools, enabling you to connect with stylists just beginning their career.

Whenever and wherever you need support, we’re here to help you. We have experts in every facet of the business to ensure we can answer any question or concern that may come up as you build and grow your business.

  1. Your Operations team

    Our operations team is the best in the business. They are seasoned experts who know how to help people at every level of experience—from first-time franchisees to longtime business owners—establish, improve and optimize their operations. Whatever you need help with, we’ve got it covered.

  2. Your Marketing team

    Great Clips is a 100% franchised business, which means we’re 100% invested in your success. Your Great Clips Marketing team will help you develop and implement a grand opening plan—and ongoing advertising and promotional campaigns designed to establish and expand your customer base from the first day you open your doors.

  3. Your Facilities and Purchasing team

    Your Great Clips Facilities and Purchasing team will work hand in hand with you from day one to help you plan, design and build your Great Clips salon. And once you open your doors, they’ll be there to ensure you have everything you need—from equipment to signage—to keep your business growing. Whatever question or assistance you need, they’re just an email or phone call away.

  4. Your fellow franchisees and Corporate Office team

    With a network of more than 700 owners and an innovative executive team behind you, you are never alone. There is always someone who has been in your shoes and can relate to what you’re experiencing. So if you have questions, need advice or want to talk through a challenge—or an opportunity—don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Great Clips community.

A process for success

For more than 35 years and across more than 4,400 salons, Great Clips has developed and tested a system to launch new locations. Take advantage of this tried-and-true process to start and grow your businesses.

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